Version update issue

I have version 2.18. I get the message to reset or relaunch browser.

I do both and still stay at v2.18.

How can I update?

ctrl-F5 to refresh and reload cache to get the new update.

Thanks. That worked, I now have what looks like the new version but when I check ‘About’ it still says 2.18

@sjewins, yeah I use Chrome on macOS and holding shift and clicking the refresh icon is what I use to force the browser to do a hard refresh of the page. This is required because we are using some (actually pretty cool) new browser features that have your browser cache the app for offline use. But, admittedly, it does make it a little annoying to pull the latest version. I think quitting your browser and restarting should always work, even though it can suck to do that.


I have tried all the methods of hard-refreshing my browser (Chrome) that your posts suggest, including control + F5, but I am still on V. 2.18. Is there another way to upgrade to the current version 2.8?