V (G) chord plays in wrong octave

When I click on the V (G) chord under “Add A Chord Under C Major” it plays correctly and corresponds to the keyboard fingers on the virtual keyboard. However, when I place it on the timeline and play it back, it plays an octave below the sample. All other chords seem to work correctly (they play back at the same pitch as the sample chords).

Is there something I am missing or is this an issue that needs to be addressed?

I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Hi @Upton1sc,

Are you using the default piano playback? We are not noticing any discrepancies between clicking the chord and playing it back. Perhaps you could walk through how to reproduce this error. If you open up a blank Hookpad project, and add a V chord, and then immediately play it back, are you saying that for you it plays an octave too low? Does the whole chord play an octave too low or is it just some of the notes?