Syncopated rhythms in Hookpad: any best practices?

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I am trying to use the Hookpad to write a song but it seems quite difficult to write syncopated rhythms…How do I do that?

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I find that when I write syncopated rhythms, I often use the mouse drag tool in “neighbor only” mode, as shown below, to get the syncopation I want.

Then if I have a particular syncopated rhythm pattern that I like, I will copy/paste it and then modify the chords / notes to new values, preserving the rhythm.

It is also possible to configure the duration tool directly to get the correct note durations for the syncopation you are looking for. I have a feeling different people have different techniques.

You can also use the drag tool in “push/pull” mode, as shown below

More information can be found in the Hookpad Documentation

Push-pull mode is incredibly laggy if you’re pushing-pulling a large number of notes. Maybe fix that for Hookpad 2.0?

@bigyihsuan, this won’t be an issue in Hookpad 2.0.