Switching voices on/off

I would welcome the ability to turn off individual lead lines so that for example, if i created a melody line on voice 1 and a harmony on voice 2 it would be useful to be able to isolate each melody in turn?


Hey Seaview72,

I don’t have an answer to this particular question, but I recently posted a question here that you may already know the answer. How exactly do you created multiple melody lines with mulitple voices? I have the paid version of hookpad and I don’t see an option for those. I’ve looked around this forum and the video tutorials but all the answers seem outdated and for hookpad 1.

If you could help me out, I’d appreciate it

Click on the arrow on the right of screen to bring up the Inspector

You can now select the Active voice and select wether it is visible or not.
Having written your first melody line, click active voice 2 and add your harmony, your original melody will then appear as a hollow box unless you choose a different option for Display of Inactive Voices.

Hope this helps.

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