Student's assignment not playing . . .?

My student has completed an assignment (screenshot below) but the assignment won’t play back. The cursor appears to get “stuck” wherever it is placed, and doesn’t move. She gets/got sound when placing the chords (we also tried melody notes, and she got sound then), but not when she tries to play it back.

@jtbh3804, I just logged in and checked this out and am seeing the same thing. It looks like the first I starts at a negative beat (or a beat < 1). You can tell because the label is not centered in the middle of the first bar.

It shouldn’t be possible to get a chord with a start beat < 1, but obviously your student figured it out! If you move the cursor to any of the remaining chords, e.g., IV or V and click play it works. Our playback engine is crashing on that start beat; it can’t handle it.