Stuck in Login Window Loop! Can't open or save anything!

Hi. I’m hoping you can help with these two problems…

I can login to Hooktheory on the the home page, but when I try to open a saved project I get prompted to login again. When I do, the same login window opens again and again forever.

ALSO when I try to save a new project, the message “The request requires authenication headers. (HTTP Status 401)” pops up at the top of the save window, and the project does not save.

Needless to say, I can not open any of my saved projects or make and save anything new. Basically, I can do nothing with Hookpad. Can you help please help?


Hi @BobWhite sorry you are having trouble! Can you try going directly to and logging in separately from the upper right corner on that page first. I’m not sure what is causing this loop (or maybe it fixed itself already) but want to see if this solves it.