Sliding notes in Hookpad

Is it possible for Hookpad to create some sort of sliding note capability?
I’ve used midi programs in the past that featured this ability, and was hoping Hookpad may eventually have this as well.
What are the odds of this being adapted?

Implementing a sliding note capability similar to MIDI programs is an interesting idea.

Hi and sorry for the late answer. Sliding would be a very useful feature for different genres, especially our synth sounds would benefit a lot. However there are multiple problems which makes it extremely difficult to implement this:

  1. Behind the scenes, Hookpad doesn‘t run on midi. We have our own playback system so we can‘t just use midi cc to create slides.
  2. For better performance, all our synth sounds are playing samples instead of synthesising sounds like a real Synthesizer. Sliding bigger intervals like an octave would also result in shifting all formants and overtones which would sound extremely unrealistic.
  3. We have no User Interface to draw any kinds of automation.
  4. As Hookpad‘s melodies are strictly monophonic, we can‘t use overlapping notes to trigger slides like in a DAW.

So the only thing I could imagine right now would be to create an instrument which slides every consecutive note with a pre-fixed slide time. You‘d need to have a gap of at least a sixteenth before every note that should start flat without a slide. And you‘d need to make sure to not use notes that are too far away from the starting point, otherwise it would lead to extremely shifted overtones.

I‘m not sure we should do this, as it might sound rather bad. What do you think?


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Hi Dennis.

Thank you for your reply - and the clarification.

I am always in favor of more tools - but this sounds like it might be something that just doesn’t work well right now in Hookpad.

a workaround - when i know i need a “slide” (like a new song i’m working on) i add the “top” (or “bottom”) note and the corresponding lower (or upper) note into the melody section and then set my instrument in the DAW to slide between those notes (either a glissando effect in a synth or articulation in a virtual instrument).

Yes, you‘re right. Maybe we‘ll find a better solution for this topic in the future.