Sharing project as link?

i remember being able to send people links of my projects before the big update but im not seeing it anywhere anymore. am i just not looking hard enough or was the feature removed?

I think they are still working on this, but i’m waiting for it too. As a large part of why i use hookpad is so i can send stuff to people for feedback…

For Hookpad v2 projects, this is not finished yet but this is coming very soon. We are currently building the a non-flash version of the theorytab player, which will be compatible with both Hookpad v1 and v2 projects, which will be embeddable and allow you to share your songs publicly.

Hi Ryan, any news on the ability to share project links? I see this post is from last August, and I can’t find any thing on the menu… Thanks

Hey @gpu1900

Sorry for the delay with this, it’s on our high-priority list, we’re just tying up some loose ends with Hookpad and then will be focusing more on website stuff.

EDIT: We’ve implemented this feature on our local servers and will be pushing this to the website shortly.

Hi all,

This feature is now ready and live on the website. You can create a sharable URL in the “file” menu of Hookpad