Replay in "level up" (chord crush)

I’d like to make a suggestion about chord crush in level up mode. I don’t know if this is important for other people but it really is for me. When you fail, you have the chance to replay the chord progression and that’s perfect because you can hear the chords knowing what the are. But when you give the right answer you don’t have the option to replay the chord progression. I understand why you made it that way, because if the answer was right you can recognize the chords, but for me is not black and white. Sometimes i get it but I feel I need to clarify more and familiarize with the sound. In those cases I have to choose between replaying a few more times before answering, letting the countdown run and loosing that game and answering as soon I can but loosing the chance to replay. Other times I was just not sure and I was lucky to give the right answer and listening the chord progression again is as useful as it is when I fail. I think it would be a good idea to add the option to replay when you give the right answer, because being just and option it wouldn’t bother the ones that don’t wan’t to replay.

I would like to add another little thing. I don’t make a new topic because is closely related with this. When you are in your time to answer you have the buttons of the possible chords to drag and drop. If you click on each one of them you hear the sound of that chord. However, when you fail and have the chance to replay they disappear. It would be really useful to keep them because it gives you the chance to replay and compare the right ones in the progression with the wrong ones you answered. For example a V with a V7… I miss that a lot. In fact, i think it would make more sense not letting the players hear the chords in their time to answer because we are supposed to have that sound in our minds and that is what is being tested. For me its a bit like cheating. However i like it the way it is (in the time to answer) because you can always choose that to do. I rarely listen to them. A few times i choose to use that help but when I do it i consider the score not representative because it makes it much easier.