Record Function- What does it do?

Hi all, I want to send a mp3 to my drummer without Hookpad’s drums, but I do need a 2 measure count in and to include the click. I made an attempt by turning the drums off, turning the click on and exporting to Mp3. The result was no drums and no click. So, I see record there, activate it and play the song. Play back ends and no indication of this recording having occurred or where it’s saved (if it is?). Thanks!

Hey Yabba,

the record button is to live record a melody with a midi controller and has nothing to do with recording audio. At the moment we have no option to export wav/mp3 with the click enabled, but that’s a really good idea which we’ll add to our task list.

The only way to “export” your song with the click right now would be to use some kind of software to capture your computer’s audio internally and record that to a DAW.

Thank you very much!