Program crashes

This is relatively recent for me. No apparent cause. I can be modifying lyrics and or score. Forcing me to save frequently. Probably not a bad practice to adopt. Still, it is annoying. Using Windows 10 and Chrome. Hookpad version 2.31.10.

i can say without reservation that any and all programs can and do crash. the fact your computer has 4 billion transistors and even works at all is a miracle in and of itself :slight_smile:

so “S”, “CTRL+S”, File → Save etc etc etc are all your friends and, for myself, my body instinctively pressing the save keystrokes in ALL application i use (and some with auto-save i still do it out of sheer habit). even if @DSchwachhofer and team had created the most perfect non-crashing program of all time, i’d still be hitting save – especially if i just did a bunch of edits, and before starting the next set of edit… :slight_smile:

nothing screams @$#%@%$#^#!$@^!#$^!!! like losing 15 minutes or more of intricate edits to a program crash… :wink:

that said, oddly enough i’ve been running Hookpad on Win 11 home and MS Edge with virtually no errors on my side (a few times there seemed to be server issues). also - i don’t run other programs in the browser and few or none on the desktop while working in HP (or my DAW etc), just seems to avoid weird interrupts from happening.

This is a recent phenomenon. I guess I’m the only one. But yes, pressing ‘S’ should be a natural response after any data is entered or changed.

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Hi, I‘m sorry for your crashes. Is there a specific song or a specific combination of actions which causes those crashes?


Can’t recall of a specific precipitating element. Was working fine the last couple days. I’ll try to be more aware should it happen again. Really like what you’ve done to the lyrics section.

Thank you very much! I‘m glad it‘s working again.