Problem exporting wav files

I have a problem everytime I export a wav file the audio is not correct. It sounds slow and broken… I love a solution to this… Especially since is one of the premium features that I payed for and I can’t use… Thanks


Wav export relies on a recorder node from the Web Audio API interface that is implemented in your browser. This node is somewhat processor intensive, so if you are experiencing bad recording, you might either try freeing up some resources on your computer (closing applications, etc), or experimenting with different browsers. In our experience, Chrome performs this task more efficiently than some of the other browsers, for instance. If you still can’t get it working, feel free to contact us directly at


Hello. I have the same problem. I recorded a song in C mayor, and every time I export a WAV file, the audio is in a lower key and in slooow tempo. Like the user from above, I also bought the Plus version so I could export the audio files. I’m using Google Chrome as a browser. Thank you and hope you can answer soon.

@Standswithafist sorry you’re also having trouble. Is your computer old/slow or doing something else resource intensive when trying to export? Are you on Mac or windows?