Private/Public Indicator in MyTabs

It would be great if we could have a little indicator next to each song in the MyTabs page that depicts whether or not we have uploaded each song to the Hooktheory database. It could have a symbol of a lock if the hookpad is private (not uploaded yet). That way, we could see which projects we “finished” and which ones were still “in progress.”

Additionally, allowing simple “tags” for each Theorytab such as “Complete,” “In Progress,” “Recreation,” and “Original Work,” that can be filtered when browsing through the MyTabs section would be nice (so we could only view those we have marked “In Progress” if we wanted to, for instance). Since MyTabs has no folders where we could create a “done” folder or a “recreation” folder, I think tags would be a great way to help organize the MyTabs page.

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