Previewing Notes

Hi, I’m enjoying Hookpad a lot. There’s something it’s missing - what about note/chord preview WITHOUT adding a note to a track?

For example, I could hit 1 through 7 on the keyboard (or a key on my MIDI keyboard) and hear what a note sounds like.

Same for chords. I hate having to add a chord or note to a track and then erasing it because it doesn’t sound like what I hear in my head.

Also, how about an option to lay down “known” or popular chord progressions (such as choosing I-IV-V-I from a drop down box) and various cadences, with one click.

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Great ideas, especially about the note/chord preview. Let me discuss this with the team and I’ll get back to you.

Hi Ryan,

Have there been any updates regarding the note/chord preview? This would be huge if we were able to preview the notes before they are added otherwise we have to keep deleting them if we don’t care for the note/chord.

Appreciate your assistance.


I’d be interested in this too. Seems like something that would have been a basic and necessary function during the development. Note and chord preview is kind of a given I think.

Hey cruecu, thanks for your interest. We had this option available for some years now. Just click on the lock button and you can play notes and chords without writing them down.

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I was looking for this too. :+1:
A shortcut key would be helpful, especially when using note/chord shortcuts as everything could be done with the keyboard.