Pre-purchase question regarding lyrics

Hi, I’m really interested in the software after playing with the demo. Can I space the lyrics somehow not attached to melody notes? One song I has quite fast lyrics, almost hiphop/syncopated feel. Not sure how I tie that to a melody notes? As well as using the software, I want to output a songsheet with the chords and lyrics.
As a solution, do could enter a bunch of ¼ pauses or random notes and then write the lyrics as needed?
Thanks, Dean.

Hi @deanwhitling,

If I understand you correctly, you’d like to have some spoken words in your songs that may not have any pitches associated with them? In Hookpad, you do need to tie your lyrics to notes (not rests), but even spoken notes have a rhythm, which will be important when you export your sheet music. An easy way to do this would be to create a 2nd voice in Hookpad, and you can enter all your spoken word notes on a single pitch, like scale degree 1. You can mute this voice so that it doesn’t play these notes on playback.

If you find it’s too cumbersome to enter in the rhythms by hand, I would suggest using the record feature of Hookpad. In record mode, you can use a midi controller or your computer keyboard to tap the rhythms out so you don’t need to figure out their timings manually

Hey thanks for those suggestions, really appreciated. I’m going to buy the software and work my way through these aspects. The thing I liked when trialing it was how much fun it was. Thats what I want in software like this. Its why I play an instrument in the first place - for the fun of it.