Possible incorrect answer in Hooktheory II

In Hook Theory II the question in 1.5 Summary asks:
How many chords of different quality can you name that have the 6th scale degree in the bass? Hint there are 5 total.

I am new to this but I am coming up with 7 chords.
ii4/3 ii6/4 IV6 IV6/5 vi vi7 viio4/2

Am I misunderstanding this?

With the caveat that I am one of least qualified people to answer, having only been around for about a month, I’ll attempt to solve the enigma

I think maybe the confusion is caused by the wording of the question.

The question did not ask how many chords can you name but how many DIFFERENT QUALITIES.

Your additional two chords duplicate QUALITIES in the HookTheory answer. ie

ii6/4 is a triad minor chord in its second inversion - the Quality is minor chord
ii4/3 is a seventh chord in its second inversion - the Quality is minor seventh

Chords included in the HookTheory II answer:
vi is a minor triad in root position - Quality is a minor chord
vi7 is a seventh in its root position - Quality is minor seventh

So there are indeed 5 “different” qualities, the other three being Major, Major Seventh, and half-diminished seventh.

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Thanks jccfocare that makes sense.