Other musical styles

Hi There!

I just want to put a feature request out there-- for some musical textures/styles that are outside of the ‘usual usual’… something that leans more heavily into folk music (e.g., bluegrass), celtic music, and world music (sitar, tabla rhythms/sounds)… for those of us that work within a different stylistic orb;-)

Hi and thank you very much for your suggestions!

I’m always looking to expand our instrument/pattern library so I will put these styles onto my todo list. If you have specific folk styles and rhythms in mind which are missing, I would appreciate a couple of links to some reference music on Youtube etc.

My list of todos is very long at the moment so it might take a while to finally get there but in general I would really like to add some of your described styles.



I would add to that different comping styles for piano.

Here are a couple examples:

This one is good because it has 17 common ones.

A little fancier stuff.

It would open up a lot more variety of styles.

Thank you for your links!
Unfortunately our pattern engine can’t play any of these patterns right now. But somewhere on our roadmap we’ll try to add some more capabilities so these patterns are a good reference point.