Option to change hookpad notes\chords colors

People have already requested this feature and I just want to support it.
I’d like to change colors of notes and chords the way I see them. Also I have an idea of making a chord have colors of all notes it consists of.

I’d like to add to this. To the owner/designer.
I’m new to hook theory (iOS, so far, and interested in the other tools) and I generally like it. However, it’s a subjective thing how a color should match a scale degree, and so hardcoding the colors with your own personal preference was a mistake. It’s just bad pedagogy to impose your preference personal on students.
Your decisions are so strange anyway. Why would the 1 cord ever be thought of as red by the average person. The V chord makes much more sense for such an aggressive color. Deep blue as V chord? What were you thinking?
No one would have chosen your scheme; no one. It would have been a trivial thing to implement–Just a variable for each scale degree which the user gets determine via UI–so it’s unlikely that this an accident. You made a choice to impose your strange preferences on your students.