Non diatonic chord input

What is the correct method for inputting non diatonic borrowed chords? I’ve tried following the description in the user guide, when I get to the part of a progression where I want a non diatonic chord, I click on the key, choose the new key from the drop down, then I choose the chord inputting it into the progression, the cursor arrives at a new blank space for the next chord to be input, but when I try returning to the original key to continue writing the progression, the borrowed chord simply changes to the parallel chord of the original key, instead of maintaining the chosen borrowed chord of the alternative key. what am I doing wrong, how do I get the borrowed chord’s identity to remain after I return to the original key, or to any key for that matter?

@Tas, you want to use the chord properties panel on the right side of the screen (visible when cursor is in chord staff). At the bottom of the panel (you may need to scroll a little) is a “borrow from” section where you can choose a scale you want to borrow from. See scrreenshot.

Sounds like what you are doing is using the master key/scale UI at the top of the app. This UI tansposes the entire project, not just momentarily for a single chord.

Thank you for the quick reply. About 5 - 10 min after I sent the message to customer support I realized where the borrowed chords feature is at. My PC has a 15" (short) screen and it was necessary for me to scroll downward to make the borrowed chords visible on my screen, but thanks again for the solution Chris!