New Vandal Just Dropped (tomzdonz)

We got another one: tomzdonz. But this is a new type of vandal. Instead of just changing the key, they replaced the entire sections with rests.

The only song they’ve struck so far is Climb On Board by Labrinth, but I have a feeling they’re gonna do more nonsense. If they do, I’ll be sure to report it.

Now they’re hitting Dotted line - Juju Man by Labrinth. Guess they really hate Labrinth for some reason.

Edit: They’ve also hit TOP and Sexy MF. I’ll send an email to Hooktheory Support to get them banned.

Alright I’ll keep updating the full list here, of songs they’ve vandalized:
Climb On Board
Dotted Line - Juju Man
Sexy MF
The Producer
Supermassive Black Hole
Pass Out
Where Have You Been
What Do You Mean
Sweet Riot
Let The Sun Shine

I’ve sent the email, but again if there’s any mods reading this post, please ban tomzdonz!

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a “report this user” button would come really handy in situations like these!


lets just say the creators of hooktheory did not know theorytab would be big enough to have griefers, so thats prob why moderation is so limited

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The vandal has been suspended! I’ll get to reverting their changes as soon as I have time.

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nope they’re back, I sent another email to get them banned

User has been banned/deleted. As mentioned in the other vandal thread we are also working to make it harder for a vandal to just create new account.