MP3/Wav File Export Loading Indefinitely

With every attempt I make to export my project or export selections in my project as an mp3/wav file, I’m met with a loading bar that reaches 100% and stays there indefinitely.The file never manages to finish exporting. Has anyone else encountered this problem, and is there any way of mitigating it? I’m using Safari if that makes any difference.

Hi, we’re sorry for your troubles.

Which version of Hookpad are you using? To check, click on Hookpad->About Hookpad. 2.25.4 would be the latest version. Does this happen for all songs or just for specific ones?



Hi Dennis,
I’m using the latest version of hookpad. I’ve experienced this with all projects I’ve initiated so far.

I had the same issue with WAV & MP# files never completing export, using Safari v15.6 on on a MacBook Air. The problem was resolved when exporting with Google Chrome.


Thanks for sharing. I’m glad you found a workaround.