Mixer missing from theorytab and melody/chord scroll instead of showing all at once

  1. I liked having the mixer there while scrolling through multiple songs in theorytabs database turning off/on melody and chords without having to open hookpad every time which is the case now. less convenient, if this is an “update” rather than a bug can it please be added back.

  2. the melody and chords now show as scrolling while playing including in theorytab, is this a new permanent update? I would like the option to turn scroll on/off. It was a lot clearer to observe and write the melody/etc as a whole, rather now constantly scrolling back and forth for motifs/etc.

Also in theorytab in goes off screen and looks extremely messy and cluttered.

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  1. I also wan’t to add there’s no way to toggle auto looping off when searching through theorytab.

@mubisworld, thank you for these suggestions. This was addressed today with a new TheoryTab Settings page.

See forum topic Layout change suggestions for more information on the update.

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@chris thank you for getting back! That’s amazing, and Im relieved! :slight_smile:

Edit: Also, ideas:

  1. Allow setting gear icon to show on the top bar of theorytab melodies where Mixer and other toggles are. Just as a visual aid to show others that there are settings to expand upon. Might be useful to others/beginners

  2. Is there a way to toggle Youtube/Piano audio by default to play first? Currently theyoutube video is defaulted. I see theres only a way to turn it off, but not the default when first loaded be the theorypad. I prefer first hearing the theory tab first so always have to click switch.


Done! But I did it in a little more subtle way. At the bottom of each TheoryTab page, there is a link out to My TheoryTab Settings (shows even if not logged in).

Done! “My TheoryTab Settings” page now has a default audio source setting at the end that lets you decide if you want YouTube or piano as the default.