Minor Keys & Chord Progressions

Hi All,

So i’m currently reading hooktheory I for the first time and really finding this a great book.
You teach early on that ‘I’ is a recommended chord to begin on, and V is the strongest cadence chord with vi being the second strongest. I love the major chord, but for example, does V still translate to be the strongest cadence chord in the minor key ?


Ps. when is the next hooketheory ebook being released ?

Hi @blakeh92

Glad you like the book. Good question about the minor key. This is something that we will cover in detail in our next book. We’re mostly done with it (we were hoping it would be done in time for the holidays, but I think realistically it’s going to be next year).

To answer your question briefly, V chords are great cadence chords in the minor mode. In “natural” minor “five” chords are actually minor chords but it’s very common for minor songs to use a “melodic” or “harmonic” minor in which major V chords are used to cadence.


Please hurry with the next book! I’m loving the first one, and am dying to learn about minor keys.