Midi entry issues

Hello, new user with a couple of questions.

  1. When I enter melody notes via a keyboard midi controller, there is enough latency delay as to be basically unusable. I am using Chrome on a fast PC.

  2. Again, when entering melodies the notes all seem to default to the current Duration setting instead of what is being played on the midi controller.

These issues make it very difficult to use Hookpad to try out different melodies over chords. Any assistance would be appreciated!

Hey mmcarter, thank you for your questions!

As Hookpad is browser-based, unfortunately there always will be a rather large amount of latency. What might help is to adjust the recordin input latency in the settings.

You will still have to hit the notes early, before the beat but at least then the notation and the audio will match. For me usually a time of 75ms is great.
You can check it out by recording quarter notes. Try to play those notes early until you hear them on the metronome click and then adjust the Recording Input Latency until the recorded notes also look like quarter notes.

Please let me know if this helped or you have any additional questions.


Thank you for the response.