Make Common "Rock" Guitar Patterns Available Across The 3 Other Guitar Types

The Rock Guitar has Single Notes, Sustain, and many common options - especially the Backbeat and Offbeat - that would be fantastic to have as building blocks in the Acoustic, Acoustic Chorus, and Electric settings!

… I dare say the Backbeat / Offbeat options would be stellar for pianos, too!

In any event, <3 this app so far.

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Hi, that’s a great idea.

In general the Rock Guitar has a different engine than the rest of the guitars. It can distinguish between muted and open sounds and has individual samples for power chords etc. so it can’t play strummed chords. That’s why it has different patterns than the rest of the Guitars.
Implementing a backbeat based pattern would be nice. Are you looking for full chords or power chords? One problem is that the strummed guitars can’t play muted notes, so right now we can’t just replicate the electric guitar’s patterns.
For Offbeats you could use patterns like Ska, Reggae, More Than Words etc. Are these good enough or are you looking for something special there?


Sweet, these pretty much do what I was wanting - I just didn’t test them out because of their name juxtaposed with the Rock guitar’s distinct “Offbeat” name as … “Offbeat”, haha!