Keep getting white screen

Sometimes it only takes like 10 seconds until my internet browser screen is completely white. I can still save pressing “S” but it is a big problem. I even tried changing browser to Microsoft EDGE but still have the same problem. I don’t have this problem on any other website. Anyone having this problem as well?

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Yep, same problem here. “Trying to connect” icon has been also showing a lot and there’s nothing wrong with the internet connection.

Yep same problem. Posted about it last night, no reply yet

The same thing is happening here white screen and Trying to connect Icon and sometimes it happens when I try to edit the band

Seems to be working now :+1:

It goes white for me when I click off the left side if the screen. I seem to lose everything and have to refresh. Any resolution to this? Happens in all browsers.

Not working for me. Did you do anything different?

OK. I narrowed it down for my situation. It happens when you click in the notes grid and drag outside of the grid … either left or right. The whole screen goes white. It was accident for me because I am new to this, but hopefully it can be resolved quickly? It makes it almost unusable when I use this on the notepad because of the touch control. That is a bummer, because I want to be able to take the Ipad on the go with me and use this a lot.

Thanks all for the detailed reports, will have this resolved shortly

All, 2.19.9 was pushed moments ago with this fixed. Thank you very much for reporting.
We found it only happens when the cursor snap grid is set to quarter beat or beat but not measure. This is probably why some of you experienced it and others didn’t.


Thank you for your the quick turnaround. I think that will really help with the IPad. I plan on trying that out here in a bit and will report back

That fixed it for me on all the browsers I have tried. It did take me clearing the browsing history and internet files a couple times to finally get it to pick up version 9. Thanks again! It really helps out on the IPad especially.