It says i didnt paid but i did

I paid for the monthly subscription and it says i didnt, my paypal has it registered id transaction is 2MJ842400B964694T
Im loged in, but no magic stuff says im on free ride and all that. This is unfair

I’m experiencing the same thing. I paid for a subscription last night and have yet to be able to access the full version of chord crush.

the problem was resolved. thanks!

Sorry all, we had a few bugs with the new product, please let us know if you have any further problems

I’m having the same issue with Hookpad. Can’t use the full version, even though the transaction completed through Paypal. Emailed support yesterday, but it’s the weekend, so, yeah.

Problem fixed. Some problem with not getting an activation email, apparently. I’d had a 404 error on the site after placing the order, which perhaps also caused that email to not get sent. Not sure. Wasn’t in my spam. But anyway, issue solved.

Sorry for any inconvenience; there were a few bugs with the new product; please let us know if you have any more issues.

Did you have to do anything to fix it? I’m having the same issue.

We pushed some updates in 1.2.5 and beyond that make Chord Crush more regularly fetch updated privileges from Hooktheory’s servers after purchase and also while using the app. As long as you receive the email with the activation link and click it to activate your purchase, the app will now be automatically get updated with that information.

Paid for subscription but unable to access cess full version of hook theory ??!