Is it possible to Enter Note/Chord in Sync with Playback/Record Cursor?

Right now I am using Midi keyboard to enter notes and chords. The blue vertical line stays blinking after the most recent entry. Sometimes few bars away from Playback or Record running cursors (black flag symbol). This cursor may not overlap the blue blink if redirected by the loop.

Is it possible to change the entry position for the writing or editing session to correspond with Playback or Record? Temporary Tempo change using preset icons (75%, 50% and 125%) can make it smoother.

Not completely sure what you mean here. In normal playback mode, note/chord entry happens at the cursor. In record mode, entry happens at the playhead.

Regarding temporary tempo changes, we hadn’t considered that before, but if that’s a feature that is useful we could consider it. For what it’s worth, the tempo adjustment in the main control bar will change all tempos relative to the first tempo flag, so if you want to slow down playback during record, you could always change that value and change it back afterward.

Happy Holiday Ryan:
I begin to see the difference now. Thank you very much.
R1a- In normal playback mode, note/chord entry happens at the cursor.
[U1a- Playback mode: I may call this Playwrite mode. The position of the Entry cursor (Blue-vertical) waits right after the last entry. At the same time the Playback (Black-Cap-full height) runs from the last Entry of Note or Chord and won’t wait for Entry. In Loop, Playhead rewinds to beginning.]
R1b- In record mode, entry happens at the playhead
[U1b- Acknowledged! In record mode, entry happens around the playhead (Recordhead or Rechead?). My problem are: If I start Record at the leftmost bar, the Blue cursor begins to blink and I should hear 4 clicks. But right now there is no Click sound at all (must be a Bug?). I think the Blue cursor blinks 4 times too but it is hard to count-in because it was the same Blue-blink before. Then the Rechead starts. The Blue cursor rides along. Next, if I start Record at the inner bar, the Blue cursor still blinks but the RecHead will appear right away at 4 Clicks before starting point. I also can hear 4 clicks which is GREAT! However, there is a little strange note playing actions. If there are no notes before Startpoint, the Rechead moves with just Click sound. But if there are notes, the Rechead pretends to read them by highlighting each one (like it was in Play mode). It will be much better if the Note/Chord remains neutral because the Click sound does not have anything to do with each Note/Chord Timer/Duration. After the starting point, Rechead can resume reading/playing. U1c- Why not change the color and symbol of Recordhead (Redhead??) and make it different from Playhead? The functions are not the same. Maybe another way to see both at different locations? Like arming for Record. I can prepare by listening to other sections then jump on the Bandwagon and Record. U1d- I imagined about combining Rechead and Input Blue cursor together. Writing a Note/Chord at the Rechead Click/beat should help the flow, especially for future Quantize. I noticed that the Blue Cursor during Record mode was overridden, anyway. Well, this may not be realistic because it may affect the 2 distinctive behaviors of the Blue cursor (snap and duration).]

R-2 Regarding temporary tempo changes
[U2- Right now to temporarily change Tempo for input or editing, I have to do 3-4 clicks and may have to type in number. Or Click tempo, Set Tempo by Tapping then type “q” to get unfamiliar Tempo and increments. The slide bar is hard to get instant workable results (always have to try a few times). In Sonar or Cakewalk that I am using along with Hookpad, there are preset icons of 50% tempo and also tapping changes. I am suggesting that you add presets icons of 50% 75% or 125% or adjustable input and 100%=Resume. This can save 3-5 seconds. Even if “q” = shortcut may not help. ]