In a melody, how to put notes on top of each other?

In a melody I only seem to be able to put a note on every beat. But is it possible to put two or more notes with different pitches at a certain beat? For example i have note 3 at a beat. I can change it for a 5. But i cannot put a 3 and a 5 note at the same beat.

Did you figure out how to write intervals? I am trying to stack notes too -
of different pitches on the same beat.

Maybe it is not possible. I also wonder if one in a melody actually puts two different pitches at the same beat. Maybe every melody contains one note at each beat (or of course no note at a certain beat)?

That would be polyphony, and you can’t do that without Hookpad Plus (and even then you’re limited to 4 melody lines)

I see it now. I think i have the plus version, because I paied for it.

I can use more voices, up to 4.

That is the way to make this happen I think.