Idea: song (chord) templates

I was thinking of having the “New” function extended with wizard for ‘song template structures’ (Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, outro, …) combinations.
It would save time creating a song and might assist in working towards a song for those in search of a default yet complete structure.
In a later stage it could be extended with some chord auto-fill function :wink:

Happy end of year!

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Hi all,
Any thoughts on this suggestion?
Either via the ‘New’ menu or via File/Open

Hi, sorry for the delay of two years.

I think this is a great idea but as different genres have different song structures we would have to create multiple templates for song structures. We also could link them with different band templates which would include different settings/patterns/sounds for different parts of the songs. Would this be helpful?

This is a big thing to develop which would take much time, but we’ll talk it through and see if it’s possible for us to do this.



Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the reply and jumping on my thoughtwave :slight_smile:

Adding related sounds to that would surely be next level :slight_smile:

At this stage, I would be happy with an MVP : just a few easily loadable songstructures for now.
Honestly, adding this feature shouldn’t be more than loading an empty yet structured song.
No other definitions need to be kept.

That should be an easy one to do.

However, if you’d like to add a selection of sounds or different settings, that would be a lot of extras.

Good luck!

What I think would be very useful would be a way to save/copy/paste chord lengths while retaining the existing chords as the timing and rhythm of a chord progression can be just as important as the actual chords.

These would be a bit like song structure templates.
The simplest implementation could be though an option in the Copy Special menu.