I can not open my saved melodies

I can not open my saved melodies


same here. This morning (june 1st) I am not able to load any of my projects

Same here. Unable to open anything since the website seemed to crash earlier today (writing from Malaysia).

Same here in Rio. Unable to open any of my saved files… Hope this is only a temporary glitch.

Same here, issue since yesterday night.

Same here… Nothing is opening.

Same here in Japan.I think Hooktheory server is stopping.

Ditto, can’t open any saved projects.

Same issue for me. I can see my list of projects when I choose open in the menu, select one, and press the open button. At that stage, the circle of doom rotates relentlessly without resolution.

Issue still persists, anyone knows if there any news on this one? Kinda important to me

Everything is all right now, at least for me.

Sorry all, this was due to a server outage, let us know if you see any further problems.

Hi, I cannot acces my saved compositions that are in Locrian, Harmonic Minor and Phrygian dominant. I also cannot create new melodies in those modes…

I have the same issue (not able to load one of my projects, the longest one) and this has been ongoing for the last 2 days. Would be great if this could be solved or if I could at least get a midi file of the affected project by email that I can then develop elsewhere. Email to Support sent yesterday but with no feedback so far. Thanks

Yeah I have the same problem but only with certain songs: 953323, 953131

The song’s data returns from the server but the app hangs at that point.

The main thing that stands out about these songs is that they’re in Phrygian Dominant keys. Dunno if that’s important, but since all of my other songs load, that is suspicious.

Yes,… apparently those modes (locrian, H. Minor and P, Dominant) cannot be used anymore (the rest are all right). They appear on the selection menu but cannot be selected

Appears to have been resolved with a 2.22.2 update

Thanks everyone, yes we had a bug associated with certain scales. Appreciate the report and this issue is now fixed in v2.22.2

All resolved now, thanks for the prompt fix