I boough Hookpad but I can't use it


I bough Hookpad with Theory yesterday, and when I want to use some functions, I always have a message to use this function, I need to buy Hookpad.

I don’t understand why…

Any ideas ?



I am having the same problem, please let your new customers know how to solve this issue!

Hey All,
If you happen to purchase Hookpad while not logged in, we send an email with an activation link that you can use once you have created an account or logged in. Sometimes these emails get sent to spam or missed.

@mattbrennan I see that you aren’t activated but don’t see an order associated with the email we have on file so I couldn’t activate. Do you know which email you used to sign up? Look for the activation email there. If you can’t find it, you can email support and we can help (usually last4 cc and or date of purchase can help us narrow it down if all else fails)

@JonathanMahut I just checked and as of this writing your account is correctly activated and should work. Assuming you are still having issues, make sure you are signed in with the right account and not an alternate one and try signing out and back again. If that doesn’t work, contact support (support (at) hooktheory dot com) and we’ll get to the bottom of it. 99% of the time one of the above issues is the cause though.