How to cancel subscription?

why was the option to cancel subscription removed for the accounts page?

How do we cancel?

I checked and it looks like there is an issue with your subscription causing the cancel button to not show up as it normally does (you’ve been a subscriber for over 4 years so might have something to do with the format changing with Stripe (our payment provider). I can cancel it for you, or alternatively you should be getting monthly emails from Stripe that allow you to cancel from there as well. I went ahead and paused your subscription so you won’t be charged again and I also refunded your most recent month.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble

I have tried sending emails to support@ asking to cancel the account but no reply. I don’t think I ever actually logged into the account and maybe that’s why I could not find a cancel subscription link. (I only used it a couple of times at the beginning) and might not have activated the account via the email link to get it working properly, which is probably why I did not use it but in any case I now want to cancel the subscription before payment is taken again. Furthermore the email address that I set up the account with was closed not long after. How do I cancel the sunscription before payment is taken on 2 July? BTW the account I have logged into here is not the one I created when I started the subscription, I only set it up to try to get support. My email to support:

I have been trying to find out how to cancel my subscription and remember now that I had trouble logging in right from the beginning and kept creating new accounts each time I came back, possibly because I did not use this activation link at the beginning and all the problems started from there. I think the email address I used to subscribe was either this one xxx or xxx (the latter has now been closed).

Please tell me how to cancel my subscription before another payment is taken on 2 July. I have already tried emailing but now realise I was responding to a news@ email

I am now very unhappy on two counts, firstly that I could not get the account working in the first place and secondly that my emails to try to stop the subscription are not being responded to. I have tried posting in the support forum too. (it was difficult to find my way around and I don’t think I got any reminder to activate which is probably where it all started)

Alastair McGowan

I did just try the activation link via my new email address xxx and this appeared to work but I still cannot find a cancel subscription link. It’s been a tedious experience from the start and I never did get to find out what is supposed to be good about it, have spent all my time with you trying to sort out the account. I used to use Chordify and only came here because I thought it would be better, and will now be going back to Chordifty when I can get this subscription ended.

If I don’t get any answers this time I will have to go to my credit card provider and get the subscription blocked. The initial activation emails I now found said that a receipt would be sent but that does not seem to exist either. Why was it all so complex from the start, this hassle killed my creativity. Clearly I’m not going to get a response here so I will just have to block any payments from my credit card. You should have one simple inferface where account settings are all dealt with. having to do it via email is where the problems seem to start. I had not noticed all year that I was trying to send emails to a news@ account which I had not subscribed to, when i thought I was contacting support