How Study Whole Song, Not Just 1st 16 Bars?

I’m new here (though not new to music, DAWs or MIDI, etc. and I get the gist of writing/arranging from scratch here which may come in handy for sure. However I signed up mainly to be able to study popular songs.

For example, “My Sweet Lord” by George Harrison. Particularly the key change about half way through so I can learn to apply such in my own music.

But all I get it the songs first 16 bars and can’t figure out how to either see or play or record the MIDI, etc. of the whole song or jump to that section.

I’ve searched for posts on this subject of whole-song at this forum, but none really solved my dilemma.

I am also a stickler for copyrights. Anything I would save to PC would be for private study only.

Help appreciated.

Hi and thank you for your feedback!

With our TheoryTab database we try to display the songs in the most short way possible. For example if a song has three similar Choruses, there is no need to notate all three of them as with the second and third one nothing new is happening.

As the database is user-based there is no guarantee the songs are complete or even notated right. So if you miss an important part of a song or find some wrong transcriptions we want to encourage you to add missing parts or correct any mistakes.

To get the midi data of a song you can first open al the song in Hookpad and extract the midi from there. But this is only possible for individual song parts at the moment. But it shouldn’t be a problem to put together those parts in your DAW.

Please let me know if this was helpful.


Thank you for reply. I’ll have to get better acquainted with the GUI to see if I can find the section I’m looking for in said song. As to MIDI export and save to system, I did figure that out. One day at a time… :slight_smile: NRN.