How do I get an 1/8th note?

A 1/4 note seems to be the shortest note duration available. How do I get a shorter note, such as an 8th or a 16th?

Right now you can’t get anything shorter than that

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If I’m not mistaken or confused …

You CAN get 1/8th notes and 1/16 notes.

The labeling of the note durations is confusing and misleading for me


16th notes

16th notes



1/4 ---------- 1/16
1/2 ----------- 1/8
1 --------------1/4
2 --------------1/2

@downunder in Hookpad, ‘1’ is not a semibreve/whole note but is instead 1 beat, so a crotchet/quarter note

Hookpad 2 does in fact support “1/8” and “1/16” notes if you have access to the JSON export format.


Since these durations are (negative) powers of two, they can be exactly represented and don’t have the rounding issue that triplets have.

@HertzDevil Can you upload (or edit then revert) a theorytab that uses that for notes and chords so that I can copy/paste it into other stuff