Hookpad: Copy/Paste between tabs broken when free measures < paste length

I first reported this issue with the 12/20 version with Firefox, now it occurs with Chrome/Brave too.

When pasting between tabs, it doesn’t work at all (using any method) unless the number of free measures is equal/greater than the paste length.

i.e. if I copy 8 measures and try pasting into a free measure at the end nothing happens. If I create 7 extra empty measures it works. The expected, and previous non-buggy behavior is additional measures are auto-created and the contents pasted correctly regardless of length (auto add measures is on.)

(EDIT: It seems even when additional measures are available only up to 8 at a time can be pasted so it may be related to line wrapping.)

ok, somehow my brain didn’t register - you do have the auto add measures on…

Yep, always.
“auto add measures is on.”

I also just tried with line-wrapping off thinking it might be related, but no difference.

i was wondering if the “continuous auto-scroll” might have interactions.