Hi i'm really new to this progrmam

I have no idea what Theory Tab is or how to access it. It looks really cool on the tutorial but does not show how to access it.

Second, How do we make 6th chords as there’s no embellishment for this.

Hey RickStar and welcome to the Hooktheory!

TheoryTabs is a huge user based library of songs which got notated by harmony and lead melody. You can find it on the main Website via Resources -> TheoryTab Database

You can create a 6th chord by selecting the first inversion of a triad root chord. You can create a 5-6th chord by selecting the first inversion of a 7th chord.

Please let me know if this was helpful.



Thanks DSshwachhofer. I got it.

Welcome to HookTheory! :+1:

Did you mean an add6 chord? You can do that by finding and clicking ‘Add13’ when selecting the chord in question. If you meant a chord like G6? That’s an inversion, you can find these named ‘1st’ and 2nd’. 3rd inversion is exclusive to 7 chords like Emaj7.

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