Hey! select c, but major or minor?

hey guys, i’m building my own chord progression, but i don’t see anything that makes the chord progression major or minor at the start when you select the key? am i missing something?


+1 ! Same here, can’t find how to do.

There’s a “Mode” box where you can choose this:

I’m gonna have to bump this, as the OP was asking about TheoryTab and I have that question too. It seems there’s no way to search for songs in minor keys - for example, I can’t find “What I’ve Done” by Linkin Park through it no matter what I do. On “Rel”, starting with “i” then gives no option for “III”, even in the “more” section. Transposing the song to the relative major doesn’t help, as going “I-iii” leaves me with no option for “vii” (which wouldn’t be right anyway).

How do I do this?

Edit: Progression Builder indicates it’s transposed to major, but that’s not working for me…

Edit 2: Figured it out! Went to the relative major, and instead of transposing it, just used the same chords… worked perfectly. Lol. Confusing