[Fixed] Export Midi silences repeated notes

When exporting a track to midi, if there are repeated bass notes without a pause between them, the second one is silenced immediately instead of playing out. Up to a few weeks ago, this problem did not exist. The problem can be worked around by shortening the first note so that there is a gap between them.

Hi and thanks for your report. We are aware of the problem and will fix it soon. The exported notes are a bit too long and overlap each other. This causes trouble for some monophonic Vst instruments as they can’t start playing a new note before the old one has finished.

I’ll keep you updated when we fixed it.


Not just bass notes. I was trying to figure out which notes are dropped for 13th chords (I’m guessing it is instrument dependent, still investigating, side feature request: this should be explicit), but noticed this from the output for Harmony > Keys > Piano > Full Chords.

In FL Studio:

After shortening the long notes to reveal what is behind them:

In Ableton, directly after loading, no hand editing:

Yes, we had the same problem with harmony instruments, too. Only lead instruments work correctly right now. I think the issue with those longer notes should be resolved with the fix of the length of the notes, too.

This should be fixed with the latest release.