Export tab error Infinite loop in _findBestBreak

I receive “Infinite loop in _findBestBreak” when i attempt to export the tabs document. The song is “who knew by john basos 2020 C” The tabs document that is produced jumps from measure 8 to measure 60 with nothing in between. I have a pdf if you wish to see it.
john b

@johnbasos, thank you for the bug report and I’m sorry for these issues. It looks like the fix that we made for the last score export problem created this new bug, but we are confident we’ve identified this problem and have just pushed a new version of Hookpad (2.10.9) with the fix.

No longer getting error message however

  1. it is getting better in that it is exporting more of the the tabs sheets but still truncating a few measures on the right side of the printout. Ill send you a printout in email to show you specifically.
    thanks john b

Yes we’re seeing this too. We use Lilypond (lilypond.org) to layout out the scores and tabs, and it’s not clear at this point why this is happening. It appears that the “lead sheet” option is laying out correctly, although I’m guessing you’re interested in having the frets? We do have a setting for downloading the lilypond source (Preferences → Include .ly with sheet music), which you can use to insert line breaks if you are interested in further customizing the export. In the meantime, I’ll continue to go through the lilypond documentation to see if there are any clues.