Chord inversion aren't really chord inversions?

It seems to me that hookpad chord inversions aren’t true chord inversions.
Chords remains in root position with just the bass note changing,

When you invert a chord you take a note of the chord and make it a bass note

root position: root in the bass
1st inversion: 3rd in the bass
2nd inversion: 5th in the bass
3rd inversion: 7th in the bass

If however you have a simple triad or seventh chord and take the bottom note and move it to the top, you get the next inversion because the lowest note changes

So those are two ways to get inversions and hookpad uses the first one

Hi Vaz.

Thanks for your reply :smiley:

I understand the concept of inversions.

I’m not happy with the way HookPad does this.

Inversions are not just about using an alternate bass note for chords.

I use inversions to

  • create a smoother chord transitions
  • create an alternative chord sound
  • or change the highest note of the chord

These options are all lacking with HOOKPAD’s INVERSIONS that
are all chords in the ROOT position with just a bass note changed.


I can’t see why it is like this.
Can someone from the development team please comment on this.



@downunder you can use band changes to change the octaves of the chords (this inverts them by moving the notes up or down octaves). Note that the most you can change bands is every bar and you need to purchase hookpad to save a project with band changes

Hi, thanks for your reply.
Global harmony changes unless you create a new band every time you want to use a different inversion like you suggest. That’s very clumbersome and a lot of extra work that I wouldn’t be bothered with.
PS I have purchased it.

The use of the octave slider?

Does this just put the same root position chord in a different octave
or does is actually create inversions.

The range is -0.1 to 1 which equates to 21 x 0.1 increments with could result in a total of 21 inversions over 6 octaves, however some of the sounds at each 0.1 increment are the repeated.

I created a project with 21 bands covering each of the 21 possible incremental octave settings.
To my ear some sound the same but wanted to print a score sheet see what that revealed but I’m unable to do this because of an internal error.

It does create inversions but if you set it to 0.1 then the C chord isn’t inverted but the Dm chord is

also fyi if the octave is set to 0 then some chords are not in root position