Chord Crush Wrong Answer

I was getting stumped on this one as my ears heard something other than what the game wanted me to input. I checked on my guitar and then checked some popular sheets on ultimate guitar and confirmed my suspicion. The song is Lion Heart by Girls Generation.

Hi! I got tripped up on this song as well! I think the Roman numerals that Chord Crush has are correct, it’s just that the excerpt starts on the lead-in to the chorus, which continues to play the A chord (the dominant) from the previous section. The excerpt plays that A, then the tonic D (on the lyric “why”), then dominant A again (“mami”), then finally B minor (third syllable of “heundeullini”). It never gets to the F♯ minor (“yeogi”). Of course, if the excerpt was moved after your post, then please disregard the above. :smiley:

I have a different error to report, though: the song is in D, but Chord Crush has it in A.

Hi @Devinbriscall thanks for the report.

The song is correct in our DB but somehow is being transposed to A major (instead of the original D major) in that puzzle for you (as mentioned by @Funhaver). The relative chords are correct though… I’ll look into this to see if I can figure out why this happened.

Thanks for taking a look!

I think Kaipa - Smoke From A Secret Source may be incorrect as well. I’d put it in a separate topic, but it’s another D versus A question. The ear symbol in the bottom left says it’s in D, and I agree. However, the first chord, clearly tonic, is listed as a V chord (A major). The following chords are relatively correct, but instead of V-ii-IV-I, I hear them as I-v-VII-IV.

P.S. How do you prefer to get possible error reports?

Sorry for the late response here, sending us email at: support(at)hooktheory will get things on our radar the fastest. I’m sadly still trying to track this bug down, I’ve seen it once inside our development environment but can’t reproduce it again. Will let you know if I find anything

No problem, thanks Ryan! :slight_smile: