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Chord Crush: Please offer loop playback


I find that it works out very well for me to do Chord Crush with my guitar in hand. After each puzzle, I replay the chords on the guitar and that reinforces for me how that progression fragment sounds on my main instrument.

It would be a help to this scenario if I could turn on a loop option to cause the progression fragment to replay in a loop until I stop it, rather than have to click again on the UI for each and every time I want to replay that fragment until it “sinks in”.



It’s awesome that you do this

I ask again. This is a simple but powerful request.

I’d be surprised if it took more than an hour or two of programming time to implement this.


Thanks for the feedback, would this be for the youtube audio mode, or the instrumental one, or both?


Most commonly I’m just using the ‘Mellow Chords’ sounds, if that’s what you mean.

Not that I’d be -against- being able to loop from YouTube also …

but I’d be sorry to see invested time and effort become undone by a change on YT’s part.

So, for reliability and stability’s sake, looping with your own sound engine would be very good I think. I know I would make good use of it!