Changing Key in Hookpad Without Changing Prior Chords?

I am working on a song with a minor mode in the verse and relative major in the chorus.

When I change key to enter the chorus the prior chords are changed (as far as I can see). How can I lock/ freeze the chords entered in the prior key?

AFAIK there is no way to select a relative key when using the Change key option. This is only implemented in the global key setting.

Would be great feature to have : either the option to select a relative key when using the Change key, or a way to transpose/move chords the way you would do with the melody lines. You can always make a feature request post for it.

Thanks, El Smurf!

I didn’t know how to change key period and got confused when the original key persisted in the basic key selector and didn’t notice that the 7 chords shown had actually changed to the key change I wanted.

Just a noob with Hookpad, but really, really digging it.

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