Change ONE chord by an octave - How do I do this?

Today is my first time using the app; and, the first thing that I tried to do is change ONE chord by an octave. This sounds possibly more like an oversite, than a bug. But, perhaps it can be done; and there’s just no control by which one could do this… that would make it a bug. lol So, I’m reporting it. I think I found a bug; I can’t find the control that will let me raise or lower a single chord in a progression by ONE octave.

If it’s not a bug; let me clarify my understanding then… So, if I pick a chord say ii and later in the song, I want to pick ii, but an octave higher as part of my progression, I can’t do that? Is this true? Please don’t make me sad. :frowning:

But, I will thank you for any help “fixing” this bug… Where is the control, that will let me raise one out of many chords, by one ocatve. If it’s missing, can you add it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing this.


See Denis’s answer elsewhere in the forum

I’m sorry; I used the word “chord” on purpose hoping there wouldn’t be a misunderstanding; I’m not talking about melody… I know I can raise individual notes up and down an octave; that’s actually fairly easy… It’s a chord I want to play in the octave below for one of the I ii iii IV V vi or vii° Chords.
But, I’m thinking with Hookpad; I’m just stuck with chords from a single octave.
I’ve messed around a little, and it appears that I can ‘kind of’ get it to do this a little, if I’m willing to play in a KEY that produces chords that are “higher” than another KEY which turns out to be lower. But, since we can’t really say which of the notes are going to be used to play a chord, except that those notes are within some (12 notes chormatically) it’s a hit or miss.

For example; let’s say I pick the key of A, and that starts with the I chord as 1,3,5 on Note A as root. If I’m lucky, and I then do a key change, and pick say C, or some note lower than A, as the root that “has” the lower chord I want to play …in that key, and the Root note is lower than the A, woo hoo… I can make a chord which is lower in pitch than what I can get in the key of A (presuming that A starting at A uses the A above middle C and the key of C uses the notes of that key ON middle C. But, it seems that is not always the case.

So, making this simple… If I choose the Key of C, and play the root (I) chord (the first one in the list Roman numeral 1. And, C starts at middle C on a piano… What if I wanted to play the C chord with the root note starting on C (below Middle C). It seems we are stuck with only having chords that use the 12 notes in the octave to make the chord. (Perhaps, I might find there are a few INVERSIONS that “might” use some C other than middle C; but, since we don’t know what notes Hookpad is using to make the chord, this is hit or miss.

I’ve only been with the community a month, so therefore please understand I’m far from an expert.

That said the way I’ve been playing chords in lower octaves is by reducing the instruments that play the harmony by one octave. The band section allows us to move any instrument by one octave either direction. You can do the same with the bass instruments. Only the drums can not be changed.
This may not be perfect but it’s worked as a very good work around for me.

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Yup. you can do that, and to my knowledge, it does not count as a modified instrument, so you can use it on the free version!