Can't switch instrument sounds

Just found and am trying out Hookpad. It seems like a great program - if I could get it to work correctly…

Problem is, I want to hear what a guitar sounds like. No matter what I try, Hookpad just gives me Piano… A bit irritating and makes it kind of hard to move forward.

Any help?

Those are Hookpad Plus subscription features only. You’ll have to deal with only piano unless you want to pay $5 per month.

You can change the instrumentation temporarily with no subscription, but when you save and reload it will revert back to all piano.

I understood that one could not save the instrumentation temporarily without a subscription, that it would be reverted - but I am not saving, I just want to hear the other instruments to make sure the software actually works before I pay for it…

So what am I doing wrong so that I can just hear the different instruments?

It should switch to the other instrument when you have the tab play again.