Can't export wav

Cant’ export wav. It stays in the “100%” screen and never downloads.

Hi, we’re sorry for your troubles.

What browser are you using?


Firefox. Later I changed to Chrome and I could export, BUT the files have errors, like some instruments stopping in some parts ir playing offtime. I export wav with programs like Vocaloid, some conversion pages, Bandlab and the files comes out with no flaws, so I know it’s not My PC or my internet 's fault.

Yes, Chrome is the recommended browser for Hookpad. One thing which is important for exporting to audio is that the browser tab that runs Hookpad has to be open and in focus all the time during the export. If you switch to another app or another tab inside Chrome, the export will be corrupted and instruments start missing and playing off-time.
Perhaps this is something to try.


Thanks, but I do absolutely nothing while exporting, and it happens anyway.

sorry for the trouble here. Unfortunately Hookpad is constrained by the resources that the browser allocates it. Unlike a DAW that can preprocess the sound data into a WAV file without playing it, Hookpad uses the Web Audio API to sequence performances, and so it has to basically play back your song and record it in realtime. This means that if at any point there is an interruption in the computing resources allocated to Hookpad from your browser, it can experience audio glitches in the WAV export. This is especially true for songs with more complicated bands or that have a lot of notes playing at once.

Unfortunately at this time we don’t have many options to control this. One thing you can try is to reduce the sample rate of your Audio Context in Hookpad using the preference at the bottom of the preferences menu:

This can significantly reduce the workload for the process.

yeah the audio export is one area that could benefit from a render farm to create the audio outside of the browser (generally faster) and then stream it back to the browser as a file type causing it to be saved. of course this will increase the cost of operations…