Bugs in Hookpad

Quite disappointed that Magic Chord is immediately disabled after one chord has been entered from it, when at the same time the Trends API is freely accessible for anyone. That paywall seems like an unnecessary blockade for non-Plus users.

Bugs with the new features in version 1.1.0:

  1. In popular style, secondary chords remove the accidentals of the destination chords and then add the accidental of the secondary part as if it is part of the original scale. For example, vii°/V in Major mode becomes ♭vii°/VII in Minor mode, whereas the correct form should be vii°/♭VII.
  2. In a borrowed major / dominant seventh chord, the accidental preceding the Roman numeral follows the popular style but the accidental preceding the 7 continues to refer to the current mode’s scale degrees instead of the Ionian mode.
  3. Chords that are supermodal in the relative Major mode are not recognized by Magic Chord, and chords that are identical are still realized as distinct chords (e.g. I and Mixolydian I, the latter of which I removed from all Theorytabs to remove false borrowed chords).
  4. Magic Chords seems to append “add9”, “sus4”, or “sus2” to the current chord when the random example Theorytabs are clicked on, and is able to distinguish these embellishments from the chords without them, but these do not seem to be recognized by the Trends API, and Magic Chords does not distinguish these in the preceding chord.
  5. About the bug where changing to a relative key will move all notes by an octave, try changing the verse in this Theorytab from C Minor to E♭ Major.
  6. Lyrics are not submitted to the database.
  7. When the song in Hookpad is being played and the mouse clicks the lyrics field, the melody cursor freezes in place and loses control. The song can only be stopped by pressing the stop button on the screen but not the space key.
  8. The record mode uses the popular style even when both the current Hookpad and the Theorytab default settings use the common practice style.
  9. In recording mode, when the current note / chord is released while another note is already playing in Hookpad, and then no key is pressed, part of the note will become empty space that collapses once notes / chords are added or deleted.
  10. In MIDI export, when two adjacent chords contain the same note, sometimes the NoteOff event of the common note happens before the NoteOn event, resulting in an overlapping note with zero duration.
  11. Theorytabs containing suspended diminished chords cannot be exported to guitar chart or sheet score.
  12. Lilypond renders sus42 chords as “sus4” in the chord symbols, and does not render the major IVsus4 and iiisus2 as sus♯4 and sus♭2 respectively. (this can be overridden)
  13. The Jazz plugin may insert notes outside the normally allowed range (±2 octaves from the middle). Moreover, by using the comma and period keys, notes outside this range can be transposed to outside the usable range (A0 - C8) at which point the Theorytab could not be played.
  14. On the Hookpad viewer, when the piano is selected for playing and the piano roll switches from diatonic to chromatic, the moving cursor retains its height without adopting the new piano roll.
  15. On the Hookpad viewer, the displayed tempo is usually different by 1 from the value obtained by clicking “Reset tempo to default”.