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Blur checkboxes and dropdown menus as soon as they are selected

Currently after the user clicks on a checkbox (including switch button) or a dropdown menu, the widget grabs the keyboard focus:

Screenshot_20200630_201523 Screenshot_20200630_201537

This means keyboard commands like the arrow keys or the Space key will trigger both Hookpad’s own actions (change note / chord degree, play) and the default actions on those widgets (select previous / next item, toggle button). This is very inconvenient when using the keyboard to edit projects.

The editor should remove the focus on these elements as soon as they are selected; alternatively, the default keyboard actions on them should be disabled. This mainly affects the chord properties menu, but some other places like the key change menu also use them.

Hey @HertzDevil,

I don’t get the behavior you mention. For example, if I hit up or down or left or right, or space immediately after changing the borrowed dropdown, it doesn’t change the value of the dropdown for me; it has the intended consequence of changing the root of the selected chord

Tested in Chrome 83 and Safari 13.1.1

That said, our next release will blur the borrow dropdown on change and I’ll make a point to go through other ones.

What browser are you using?

@chris borrow a chord from another mode and press P and it will make the chord borrow from Phrygian/Phrygian Dominant and at the same time play the YouTube video (I’m using chrome on Windows 10)

Thank you, @Vaz! I totally didn’t think to try that.