Base clef and how to reach notes

hi, this is a double question why is there a base clef at the end of the 3rd measure also measures 5 6 and 7 in the base clef all have notes that stretch over more then one octave how am i supposed to reach them any tips.

possible to keep the staff neater rather than add a bunch of ledger lines? if the notes are available in the melody section, then you should be able to add them. and/or using the octave setting on the instrument.

hi, i think you skipped over the questions why is there a bass clef at the end of measure 3 it clearly cannot effect measure 3 or it would be at the beginning of measure 3 and how am i supposed to reach all these additional notes in measures 5 6 and 7 while my hands are doing other things my hands won’t stretch that far does anybody’s, there the questions.

so, are you trying to perform the music shown? or use Hookpad for something?

trying to perform it myself

This forum is mostly concerned with music theory, songwriting, and all of Hooktheory’s products, rather than performing music. These kinds of questions are better asked in a place like r/piano, assuming you’re trying to do this on a piano.

The clef at the end of the measure is a courtesy to tell you that it will be changing on the next line. The little lines up above the staff are to let you know how far above the staff you are. The changing of the clef is to have more of the notes on the staff instead of a huge number of lines to figure out above or below the staff. There are other things that they do like put a mark to tell you that they are played an octave higher or lower as well. Here is a few of the common ones. There are a bunch more.

Here are the ones that are for a section to be played higher or lower than written:

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